Effluent Treatment Chemicals


  • Liquid Alum, PAC, Ferric chloride, Ferrous sulphate, Starch based Coagulants

  • Peroxide based Oxidants

  • Polymer based Decolourants

  • Oxidising Biocide based Disinfectants

  • Silicone based, Mineral Oil, Glycol based and Fatty acid Defoamers

  • Specific strains or Aerobic and Anaerobic bacteria
    to enhance MLSS (Mixer Liquid Suspended Solids) levels in the ETP Systems

  • Usage:

  • Antiscalants for Effluent Evaporators

  • Descalants for Effluent Evaporators

  • Coagulants

  • Flocculants for primary clarification

  • Bio-flocculants for secondary clarification

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic cultured Bacteria

  • Oxidant

  • Decolourant

  • De-Emulsifier

  • Disinfectant

  • Defoamer

  • Polyelectrolytes for Sludge Dewatering