Boiler Water Chemicals


  • Polyphosphate based Scale Inhibitors

  • Polyamine based Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Polyacrylate, Polymethacrylate, Polysulphonate, Polycarboxylic acid based Sludge Conditioners and Dispersants.

  • Polymaleic acid based Silica Disperant.

  • Catalysed Hydrazine Hydrate based Hxygen Scavenger

  • Catalysed Sodium Sulphite based Sxygen Scavenger

  • Caustic/ Soda ash based Inorganic pH boosters

  • Morpholine based Organic pH boosters

  • Cyclohexylamine, Octadecylamine, Morpholine based condensate treatment chemicals

  • Usage:

    For all types of boilers like coil type, fire tube and water tube. For all boiler pressures ranging from 5.0 kgs/cm2 to 110 kgs/cm2.

  • Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Sludge Conditioners

  • Oxygen Scavengers

  • pH boosters

  • Condensate treatment chemicals

  • Silica Dispersants

  • General Dispersants

  • All amine/ Polyamine scale and Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Carbonate treatment chemicals

  • Phosphate treatment chemicals

  • New boiler Pre-cleaning chemicals

  • Idle Boiler preservative

  • Passivating chemicals