About Us

Phani Envir Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. pioneered water treatment in India and is today the country's premier company in water and environment management, with a strong international presence. Formed in 1998, Indian company in 1998 when Permutit divested their holding. We multi-disciplinary teams of highly experienced professional managers technologists and scientists, supported by a widespread infrastructure in India.

If we're at the forefront of the water management industry, it's because of a sustained focus on:

  • Technological advancement through R&D - innovation is our hallmark as our numerous patents testify

  • Affiliations with the best specialist water treatment companies internationally.

  • Human resource development - melding technology with people trained to manage it responsibly.

  • Above all, commitment to customer care, that goes far beyond the sale. Technical service support is a key component of our solutions bouquet and our service network is the largest in the Indian water treatment industry